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Monday, December 28, 2020

A FEMINIST'S GUIDE TO BOTANY: Online Botanical Painting Session 2021



**Date And Time**

Fri, 8 January 2021

00:30 – 02:30 +06

**About this Event**

This talk and every one of our classes are currently 'pay what you can' so we can arrive at those of you who are monetarily battling during CV19. 

We recommend a gift of £8 yet on the off chance that you love our talks and you might want to help uphold us with some extra (as creatives, it has been hard for us as well)! We would gigantically like that. In the event that you are making some extreme memories with cash, even £5.00 is as yet astounding, or please don't hesitate to think about this one on the house, and just spread the word rather through FB/INSTA. Love to all of you! 


YOU WILL NEED An assortment of plants, blossoms, leaves or dried blossoms to work from! You don't require too much, barely to make a fascinating plan, yet in case you're truly gotten short, only a couple of houseplants or whatever you can gather from outside will be totally fine.

Registration Now : https://livestream786.xyz/Online-Live-Events-Stream-in-HD

Watch YouTube Video: http://bit.ly/35uWsyo

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