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Monday, December 28, 2020

SocietyX : Therapeutic Art Workshop 2021


SocietyX : Therapeutic Art Workshop.

**Date And Time**

Tue, Dec 29, 2020 10:00 PM +06 + 42 more events

WED, DEC 30 10:00 AM

Fri, January 1, 2021

MON, JAN 4 10:30 PM

SUN, JAN 31 7:00 AM

Watch YouTube Video: http://bit.ly/35uWsyo

Sarah Take your creativity to the next level as They balances your mind with art

**About this Event**

About Sarah Serrano-Esquilin

Sarah Serrano-Esquilin is a Brooklyn based craftsman, teacher holding a permit in Special Education Birth-sixth, and a new Master's alumni at Pratt Institute in Creative Arts Therapy. She has been making workmanship and composing verse throughout the previous 6 years, and has worked with famous people, brands, and displays. Sarah has confidence in the restorative advantages of craftsmanship and making it open to all. Sarah additionally encourages her significant other instruct Salsa and Bachata classes, demonstrating that two remaining can in any case learn and make some great memories!

Registration Now: https://livestream786.xyz/Music-Events-Live-Stream-HD

Watch YouTube Video: http://bit.ly/35uWsyo

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